ALL  CLIENTS ARE REQUIRED TO DO AN INTAKE SESSION PRIOR TO SCHEDULING THEIR APPOINTMENT.  At the intake session you will complete all of the necessary paperwork to be assigned a therapist.  Within 24-48 hours after the intake we will be able to schedule your appointment with your assigned therapist.  The intake session are $25.00 and that fee is payable on the day of the intake.  All sessions must be paid for on the day of the session. Clients will be required to keep a current credit card on file with the center.

In order to spend our time focused on quality clinical care for our clients, we have chosen not to bill insurance panels directly. Therefore, please be aware we do not file with any insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid , but we strongly encourage our clients, who may have these benefits, to check with their insurance provider and access their out of network benefits for our services if applicable.
                                                                                                                 45-min. appt.      90-min appt.         45-min. appt.        90-min appt.          
Rates:                                                                                                           LPC                            LPC                   LPC-Associate      LPC-Associate  

Counseling session with one or two clients                       $130.00               $195.00                    $100.00                   $150.00
Counseling session with more than two clients                   N/A                    $195.00                           N/A                      $195.00

Reduced Fees
Sliding Scale fee services are based on household or combined (for couples and family counseling) adjusted gross income. To be eligible for the reduced fees you will be required to provide proof of your income. That will require your most recently filed income tax return or current pay stubs that can be verified with your employer.  

                                    45-50 min. session              45-50 min. session                                     90 min. session                    90 min. session

Annual AGI       Counseling Fee - LPC       Counseling Fee - LPC-Associate              Fee - LPC                           Fee-LPC-Associate

Up to $25,000                 $ 80                                        $50                                                                 $120                                                 $ 75

$25,001 to $40,000     $ 90                                        $60                                                                 $135                                                 $ 90

$40,001 to $55,000     $100                                      $70                                                                 $150                                                $105

$55,001 to $70,000     $110                                      $80                                                                  $165                                               $120

$70,001 to $90,000     $120                                      $90                                                                  $180                                               $135

$90,001 - up                      $130                                   $100                                                                  $195                                              $150

Proof of income is required for reduced rate consideration.

Bulk Pay for Counseling

Buying a package in advance means you prepay for sessions in bulk, so you pay less.

  • Bulk 5 – Buy five (5) sessions at one time and save 10%
  • Bulk 10 – Buy ten (10) sessions at one time and save 20%

Prepaid sessions must be done within a 6 month period of time. Unused prepaid sessions are non-refundable.


Cash, check and Mastercard or VISA credit cards only accepted for payment.

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, we ask that you call or text our office at least 24 hours in advance. If you fail to notify Healing Through Hope via an answered telephone call, leaving a voicemail message, or texting your intent at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of an appointment, you will be charged the full rate for your missed session. 

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