Christian Coaching

Healing  Through Hope is pleased to announce the addition of Christian coaching services to our practice. Our coaching staff have taken various specialized training courses through Light University and the American Association of Christian Counselors to prepare them to be our first line of entry for some people who are seeking help in their life.  These coaches hold various certifications from the International Board of Christian Coaching. ( and  PLEASE REALIZE THAT COACHES ARE NOT TRAINED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.  ADDITIONALLY, COACHING SERVICES WOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED AS A FORM OF THERAPEUTIC TREATMENT OR COUNSELING.

We realize that not every person needs a fully licensed counselor to assist them through a difficult season in their life. The coaches on staff may be able to walk with our clients on this path.  They may help them formulate a plan of action and provide accountability to assist them in coming to an acceptable resolution for challenges they are currently facing.  

Another way to look at coaching versus counseling is to consider scuba diving versus snorkeling.  In snorkeling  your limited equipment and training allows you to break the water's surface and see wonders found in fairly shallow ocean levels.  The scuba diver,  however, has additional equipment and training and they can dive deeper to uncover things hidden in the darker reaches of the ocean. Coaching is like snorkeling, whereas counseling is like scuba diving. Sometimes to get the knowledge, insight and healing we may need it will require a deeper dive. If your coach and you determine that therapy is necessary in your case, then a referral to a staff counselor or perhaps even a higher levels of professional care will be recommended.

Give us a call today to see what might work in your life situation, coaching or counseling, we are here to help.  

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